Our Washington, DC affiliates at 7 On Your Side’s Call For Action report the story of a woman who spent nearly $200,000 on home renovations that were never completed, leaving her unable to stay there for two years after the job began. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer 5 years ago and decided to invest in remodeling her house to ensure she is still able to live in it. That was in 2017. After she paid the money up front, the house was torn apart and left last fall. The contractor stopped returning her calls, and she was left without a livable home, with no money left to take her business elsewhere. That’s when she contacted 7 On Your Side Call For Action for help. They investigated and learned that the contractor in question is no longer in good standing, having vacated their former address amid financial problems. They did, however, get the contractor to come out to the property to confirm that the remaining work would be completed within 30-45 days, and that they assume responsibility. The lesson here is to make sure you never pay up front for a renovation project. A reputable contractor will set a clear timeline for the project and will collect final payment upon completion.

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