Consumers, beware:  Just updating your address at the post office isn’t enough to make sure you get your bills.  Our partners at WIVB Call 4 Action in Buffalo, New York report on yet another issue a member of their community has experienced with a new cashless toll collection system in Grand Island, New York.  A local woman was stunned when she received a bill for more than $3,000, despite the fact that the toll only cost one dollar per trip.  The high dollar figure came from the fact that the bill had been sent to collections, but the consumer said she never got a notice.  She had moved in recent months, and this was likely the cause of the problem.  While she submitted a form to forward her mail to a new address, she had not updated her address with the DMV.  While the postal service forwarded some of her mail, it only forwards first class mail and isn’t a substitute for updating your address with the DMV and other services.  She is currently contesting that she had paid some of these fines before the late fees added up, but finding records for this proving difficult.  In the age of cashless toll collection without a physical toll booth, this case illustrates that keeping your address records up to date with your local DMV is more important than ever.

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