Our partners at WPRI Call 12 For Action in Providence, Rhode Island were able to help a consumer recover money a car dealership had forced him to overpay.  When he initially purchased his car, he confirmed that the bill of sale included the full price of the car, taxes, and fees.  Afterward, however, the car dealership asked him to return to the dealership with the car, demanding an additional $1,300 beyond what he had originally agreed to.  The car buyer requested they give him his money and trade-in vehicle back, but the dealership refused.  The consumer finally agreed to re-do the bill of sale with him owing an additional $795 instead, since the dealership threatened to take his license plates if he did not.  He explored suing to get the money back and contacted Call 12 For Action.  While the dealership refused to discuss the issue with Call 12 For Action, they reached out to the consumer shortly after the call and promised to send him a check refunding his overpayment.

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