Call For Action’s partners with the I-Team at WBZ in Boston were able to get a quick resolution to a consumer’s long-running problem.  After going months without gas due to safety issues in her region, a Massachusetts woman got a second unpleasant surprise when her gas was reconnected.  The dryer she had purchased earlier that month, but still hadn’t used while she waited for the gas company to reconnect it made a terrible thumping noise once it was turned on.  The worker from the gas company told her that the appliance was damaged and suggested she call the retailer who sold it.  She called the store and asked for the dryer to be replaced, but her request was denied because it was more than 14 days since it had been purchased — even though it was still unused.  The WBZ I-Team’s Call For Action saw a social media post she had made about the situation and reached out.  Within an hour, they had arranged a solution from the retailer, who scheduled the delivery of a replacement appliance and apologized for the way they had handled the initial complaint.

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