Our Buffalo partners at WIVB report on the story of a woman whose double charge turned out to be part of a pattern.  The woman manually pays her bill every month, rather than setting up auto-payment.  One month, she noticed two identical charges in the same month for her cable bill.  She called the cable provider, informed her that they were aware there had been a computer error that caused the duplicate charge.  They reversed it, but she remained concerned —  While she had enough funds in her account to avoid an overdraft charge, she asked the cable company if they were going to alert other customers who might be affected.  They told her they had no plans to do so.  Later, the woman learned that one of her co-workers had also been double-charged, resulting in an overdraft charge.  Fortunately, the woman’s duplicate charge was ultimately removed, and she was able to convince her credit union to cancel the overdraft charge, since the cause of the overdraft was erroneous and not her fault.

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