Call For Action Director Karen Stiles and our Milwaukee affiliates at WTMJ warn about a fake check scam that could cost you money if you aren’t careful. The first warning sign is that somebody offers to pay you up front, by check, to assist them. The scam can take on a few different forms, but generally it involves being paid up front, keeping a portion of the money for your efforts, and then wiring or transferring additional funds for different purposes, such as mystery shopping, shipping and receiving packages. In some cases, the scammer asks the victim to purchase prepaid gift cards, which is a classic warning sign that you are being scammed. In the end, the check the victim has been sent is fake, though it may look genuine, and the victim is on the hook for whatever money they spent or transferred as well as reimbursing a bank for the bad check they received. Don’t cash unusual checks, particularly if they’re offered up front. If you suspect a scam, you can report it to the FTC with their complaint form.

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