Major car repairs can be costly, but an emotional connection to the vehicle makes it more important to ensure those costs are clear and controlled. Our St. Louis affiliates at KTVI Contact 2 report on a consumer story that has been complicated by personal feelings. A Missouri family lost their son in 2007 and sought to complete his prized project — the repair of an antique truck. They reached an agreement with a local mechanic they knew to fix the truck for a price of $10,000. Unfortunately, no contract was ever signed, but the family made payments and work continued. After 2 years and $9,000 of payments, the truck still isn’t in drivable condition and the family wants it back, along with the money they’ve paid. The mechanic counters that more than $9,000 of work has been done to the vehicle, and that he agreed to a reduced price initially because of their personal relationship. While the ultimate resolution of this matter is still up in the air, with emotions running high, it teaches a valuable lesson. Make sure you agree to clear, written terms of any work agreement that lays out terms and costs. Even if the work is being discounted, getting the terms in writing can avoid disputes if either party isn’t happy with the way things are going later on.

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