Online access to our finances is an incredibly convenient and quick way to manage money, but it comes with a scary side.  It’s just as quick and convenient for criminals to exploit it to steal your money when they get their hands on sensitive information.  Our partners at WPRI Call 12 for Action were able to get money put back in the bank of two grateful consumers.  The couple had been planning their wedding, getting plans in order, when they noticed a series of fraudulent transactions on their accounts, totaling more than $6,000.  While two of the charges were fixed, the couple’s request to reverse a $3,200 charge was denied because the bank and an online payment service were in dispute over whose fault it was.  An online account had been opened with the online service, and the thief had used their stolen account number to transfer the money overseas.  Call 12 for Action intervened and spoke with the bank, who ultimately confirmed they would credit the lost money back to the account.

Follow these tips to protect yourself from online theft:

  • Use unique passwords for your financial accounts and change them frequently.
  • Never do any online shopping or banking on unsecured public networks.
  • Watch your statements for any suspicious activity and report it promptly.

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