The News 12 Call For Action team in Augusta Georgia finally secured a happy ending for a woman who was living in fear after purchasing her first mobile home.  The woman’s husband had set up the purchase with a settlement he had obtained from his employer prior to his death.  The woman was able to pay cash to complete the purchase, but things got worse from there.  When she moved in, there were serious maintenance problems — A door was detached, and water and electricity were not properly connected.  More worrying, she had never received a copy of the title for the mobile home.  She never thought to do a title search prior to making the purchase, since she was a first time home buyer.  She was worried that there could be a lien on the property, risking her home.  At this point the seller had stopped returning her calls, so she turned to News 12 Call For Action.  After volunteers made a call to the seller, he delivered the title and provided some of the necessary maintenance on the home.  A phone call for help made a big difference, giving her peace of mind.

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If you purchase any type of home, keep in mind that any property could have a lien on it, which would prevent a sale.  While a title search is required to secure financing, it isn’t in cases like this one where the buyer pays cash. It is definitely worth the extra money to run a title search and secure your purchase.

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