On today’s “Of Consuming Interest,” Call For Action President, Shirley Rooker, sits down with T.J. Kennedy and Chris Sambar of FirstNet, a broadband network designed specifically to be used by first responders like police officers, emergency medical workers and firefighters.

FirstNet was created through an act of congress in 2012 and is under the authority of the Department of Commerce. The network serves an important, behind the scenes, role during our most trying moments. When first responders are all on the same broadband network, they can more effectively communicate with each other.

FirstNet will also help consumers like you get in contact with first responders and send any text, pictures, or videos that may be helpful to their cases.

Listen to the full interview here: https://federalnewsradio.com/of-consuming-interest/2017/06/a-broadband-network-just-for-first-responders-61817/